Monday, September 23, 2019

Managerial and Professional Development Assignment - 1

Managerial and Professional Development - Assignment Example ussion presented will be based on the evaluation of policies, practices and approaches of learning and development by British Airways, in particular, the examination of the learning approach will focus on the double loop learning mechanism. Secondly, the essay will present a personal reflection in relation to studying an MBA and further connect the learning approach with personal experiences. Double loop learning has been central to the subject of learning and development programs by organisations. Chris Argyris first proposed the concept of double loop learning in the 1970s and it has consequently become a pertinent component of strategic management in the 21st century. According to Argyris and SchoN (1978), double loop learning refers to a learning model in which the predominant assumptions regarding goals and objectives of an organisation are assessed to determine whether the ongoing pursuit of objectives and goals are justified. Double loop learning approach principally underpins the prudence of error detection and correction in the management of an organisation. According to Argyris (1999),  it focuses on the theory of action by strategically examining the potential effects of changes on values, behaviours, and leadership of an organization. British Airways, the largest international airline in the UK has successfully integrated double loop learning approach in th e training and development of its employees (British Airways, 2014). Incorporating double loop learning and continually exhibiting generative learning strategies, British Airways has been labelled as a learning organisation. Dierkes (2001), defined learning organisation as learning model whereby employees continually enhance their capacity to achieve set objective in an environment where new concepts and expansive ways of thinking are developed and individuals are further encouraged to learn from each other. Consequently Argyris (1982) identified five disciplines as essential components of

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