Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Education Inequality in Rural Areas of the United States Research Paper

Education Inequality in Rural Areas of the United States - Research Paper Example This discussion declares that  the buck does not stop at the quality of education that is provided, but also on its availability. In such areas, there is little access to educational facilities more specifically tertiary education. This has been attributed to the low penetration of higher education services in these areas. This has prompted many individuals to seek tertiary education in urban areas. Notably, there has been an exodus of persons more so of individuals who leave the region in quest for knowledge but never go back to apply that knowledge to their native lands. This further puts weight on the argument on inequality in the education realm in the countryside. In this argumentative essay, we will look at either side of the coin in regard to the different points of view in the question: is there inequality in education in the rural areas of the United States?This paper discusses that  statistics have indicated the presence of low test scores and the reduced rate graduatio n in specific fields. This information has prompted many taxpayers to take up arms in the expression of their dissatisfaction with the educational system. On   the other side, there are also adequate individuals who still express their confidence in the education system   ability to deliver the required education to the society. But both groups agree that there is a need for more efforts aimed at reducing the levels of inequality and the gap in education in both the rural and urban areas.

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