Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Role of HR in Health Care Settings Term Paper

The Role of HR in Health Care Settings - Term Paper Example A description of how the perceptions were similar or different from the roles outlined in the learning resources is also covered. Subsequently, my experiences that may have influenced my perceptions are also outlined in this paper. Before delineating these issues, it is of importance to mention the different roles of HR and nurse managers. The HR is mandated with the role of negotiating the pay package, giving advice on rules and regulations pertaining to employment, organizing all aspects relating to recruitment of new employees, and giving recommendations when it comes to terminating employment. Nurse managers are the ultimate decision makers when recruiting and terminating new employees, perform sporadic appraisals of performance, gives constant trainings to employees, and also ensure a conducive and friendly working environment (Introduction to Healthcare Human Resources Management Program Transcript, 2002). My experience conducting the media survey was rather mystifying. This is attributed to my perceptions on the different roles of the nurse managers and the HR. Therefore, I got some of the questions on the media survey right and some wrong. To get all the survey questions right, one needs to have a clear comprehension of the different roles of nurse managers and HR before conducting the survey. This would help in doing away with personal opinions or perceptions regarding their divergent roles. My initial perception was that the roles of the two entities were entangled, meaning they do not differ as much. One of the assumption I had is that HR and nurse managers do not work together. Based on the results from the survey, it was clear that my perception was wrong . In fact, my perception was that HR does a lot more than I even knew with the nurse managers. According to Stewart, McGoldrick, and Watson (2002) the role of the HR is "To manage and co-ordinate

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