Saturday, June 15, 2019

Movie vs history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Movie vs history - Essay ExampleIn the movie, although it is animated, the producer captures the hearts not only of children only when also of the adult audiences with the entertaining presentation of colorful animations and the lively songs. Along with the entertainment it offers, the movie also teaches lessons like clinging to the plans beau ideal has purposed in a somebodys life which is exemplified in the song You know Better then I, a song which the main character, Joseph, sang. Beforehand, the three-year-old man questioned God somewhat his imprisonment when he was falsely accused of acts of lasciviousness by his masters wife and his seemingly hopeless state when his roommates were released later, he realized that God is his maker so it is He who knows what is best for him, and thus inspired the song.One of the strengths of the movie probably is the source of the story, the Bible, which is an accepted as a reference for the deliberate of early civilizations. Early on, the m ovie claims its historical claim based from the aforementioned text particularly from the book of Genesis. However, there have been changes in the presentations which might make believe the learning of audiences as well as their perceptions about the characters. For instance, one might think that Jacob is a weak father who has sacrificed his pride for the sake of his favorite son, Joseph and that he did not discipline his son regarding the dreams he had. In the movie, when Joseph told about his dreams, Jacob supported Joseph even when it concerned him and his wife, being presented to be falling down before the young man in the future. Putting this in juxtaposition with the story in the Bible, Jacob is observed to have rebuked Joseph although he did not also disregard his gift (Gen. 3710), thus giving him the benefit of the doubt. For an observant historian, this is a sign of failure to stick to the facts of a movie that claims to have based its story from recorded history. It is an classic matter that not only the

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