Friday, June 14, 2019

Components of a research article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Components of a research article - Essay ExampleFormulating a devout research question is a job half done as the paper follows the research question and hence the research question has to be be in a structured manner.3)Both the articles one and dickens attempt to answer the research question related to the generation of anxiety among the participants before a major competition. The first article proposes the question to examine retrospective perceptions and causal beliefs about temporal experiences of competitive anxiety and related symptoms in the lead up to competition (Hanton, 2002) whereas the second article attempts to answer the question about To investigate the symptom responses associated with competitive anxiety through a fine grained measurement attempt (Hanton, 2004).4) The rule provided by the authors of the first article has to do with examining the precompetitive anxiety responses is critical to the understanding of the symptoms as effective interventions can be pro vided if the symptoms are understood. In early(a) words, the rationale for the first article is about finding ways to relieve the stress in sportspersons before a major competition.5) The rationale for article two is to find out the frequency of manifestation of symptoms so as to provide effective and timely relief as well as lasting relief. The rationale for this flow in a similar manner to article one and the emphasis is on providing treatment before major competitions.6)A hypothesis is a tentative conclusion that the authors posit as a way of reaching the solution. A hypothesis is usually proposed without empirical and quantitative data and later it is tried and true against the data for validation.7)The hypotheses that the authors were testing in Article two relates to, In addition to examining anxiety perceptions as responses that may change over time, there is scope for researchers to fence a frequency component to the response (Hanton, 2004). Hence the authors of article t wo were testing the

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