Sunday, June 16, 2019

Should the federal government provide health care for all citizens who Research Paper - 1

Should the federal government provide health c are for all citizens who cannot afford their own - Research Paper Example prexy Obama has put forward measures to adopt such a system but it has not been welcomed by the judiciary and other stake holders of the nation. This move by the chairperson is under scrutiny, in this writing we will focus on whether US can adopt such a system or they are bettor off without it.The above graph shows that the benefits provided by employers to their employees in private organizations with US has declined, and there has been a steep decline in the amount of health benefits provided by these companies to their employees (Mauersberger 2012).Those in the favor of such a system state that the number of people within US who are living without health care amends has elevated to the figure of 45 million (Washington, 2000). Organizations are even trying to cut their cost by not providing health coverage in their earnings plan to the employees. Decrease in the rate of wages and layoffs have even promoted individuals and employees of US to live without an redress plan. All these events have taken place because insurance providers have increased the rate of premiums associated with health plans. Citizens of US do get free medical services for those diseases and illnesses that are not covered by health insurance providers. But there are those who can not purchase insurance services, these people need to be covered by the government differently their quality of life will continue to deteriorate.Those individuals and businesses that have already purchased health insurance have to end up paying very high order of premium. If businesses continue to spend huge amount of their money as premiums, they will have lower amount of money to conduct investment activities and provide employment. Individuals who are paying loads of money as premium for health coverage are spending less on food and other necessities which is resulting in tribulatio n of businesses. Thus

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