Friday, September 27, 2019

Nikko Hotels International and Japanese Airlines Development Company Case Study - 43

Nikko Hotels International and Japanese Airlines Development Company - Case Study Example The managers comprised of an Austrian, in charge of food and beverage, an Irishman in charge of human resource, Japanese in control of matters and a Lebanese chief engineer and an American in charge of marketing. All these individuals brought together a taste of their diverse backgrounds and culture, enabling the hotel to be a global brand. The aim of the retreat was to get together this team of diversity, as well as brainstorming on how to venture into the American market. In addition to this, the Japanese element of the company was to be discussed in terms of how it will merge into the American business environment. The executive president, Mr.Miura joined the managers at the time of presentation of their ideas. This was after they had come up with these ideas in their respective small groups and brought them forward. Once on the table, Miura commented on them in a way which the non-Japanese managers found annoying. This was a highlight of the cultural differences within the team and served as a wakeup call for the president to learn how to manage diversity. He was shocked because, he presumed that based on his position as the president, all his subordinates were answerable to him, and not the other way round. This might be an effect of his native Japanese culture whereby seniors are not supposed to be answered rudely even when they criticize wrongly. On regaining control of himself, he decided to give them a break and take some time off until the following day. This was in order for him to work on his profile and speech while giving the managers some time to calm down. The next day, Miura has certainly learned how to manage his managers. He began by giving a speech about the reason the business was opening in America, then his previous work experience which spanned twenty-seven years. After the speech, he joined the executives in formulating the hotel’s mission statement.  

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