Thursday, September 26, 2019

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Business Ethics - Essay Example Therefore, this approach, in contrast to good attitude to animals, makes human actions towards animals ethically grounded, disregarding each person’s own attitude or feelings towards animals. Singer’s position lacks sentiments and is well grounded using the principle of equality of rights. Having brains or consciousness is not a discriminatory factor for Singer, and it is quite clear for the scholar that we all have to take moral care of all animals and stop using their lives for our trivial goals. 2. · Pollan’s main point is that the basic problem of our society is industrial animal farming where animals are treated with disrespect and are caused a lot of suffering. His idea is to make the process of animal farming (including their slaughtering) â€Å"transparent† (figuratively or literally) – that is, allow animals to enjoy their lives and to slaughter them as mercifully as possible. This would make meat and dairy products more expensive of course, however humans would eat animals with respect and consciousness. Considering Singer’s argumentation, Pollan agrees with quite a lot of arguments, yet questions some others, and this seems to happen because according to Peter Singer, there are only two options for people eating meat: either to go vegetarian or to turn their heads away from the problem and close their eyes not seeing the animals suffering. That is why, the eventually discovered solution of farms â€Å"transparency† looms for Poll an the perfect moral option which would, on the one hand, ensure that the animals are treated nicely, and on the other – that the humans will be able to make their choice of eating or not eating their flesh with more consciousness. 3. I would not say Pollan abandons utilitarianism totally but his position is certainly not concentrated on utility as the main measure for morality and the basic criteria for

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