Tuesday, August 13, 2019

REMAX Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

REMAX - Research Paper Example Their business model was such that the agents were required to devote in the brokerage operations, and in response they would receive a braod range of support services from the firm. This business strategy of Remax worked and currently the company is present in more than 80 nations across the work and ahs over 90,000 agents involved with it (Remax, 2012). Thus, it can be stated that Remax is well managed and can have infinite success in the future. This paper would focus on the management style of Remax in context of four managerial functions, namely, planning, organizing, leadership, and controlling. Remax utilises a â€Å"streamlined mangement system†, as a result of which problems are foreseen and decisions are put into action rapidly, proficiently and successfully to help the company and its agents. The strenghth and stability of Remax’s leadership in conjugation with â€Å"turn-on-a-dime flexibility† assists in guaranteeing that the company will be able to w ithstand any economic condition, as it has been able to in the past forty years (Remax, 2012). Over the period, the company had build up a variety of business development resources and systems, which comprise of, a strong brand name and its awareness worldwide, on demand guidance and training, international lead generation structures, and updated technology. Historical Perspective of Remax The concept of Remax was simple and since the beginning, Dave and Gail Liniger believed that the agents or the brokers were the biggest assets and also the most immediate client for the real estate business. Thus, Remax had always focussed primarily on attracting and retaining quality agents and providing them an extremely professional atmosphere. The vision of Dave Liniger was to build a real estate company that people could approach anywhere across the globe for their real estate needs, recognizing that only experienced and qualified professionals would cater their case. Remax had remained true to its same beliefs over the years and have evolved as the leading real estate network in the world. Remax provides its agents with the power of an internationally renowned brand, quality and professionalism of sales associates, latest service support, and a fortified market share in the real estate industry. Remax believes that the strong point of the company’s system is the superiority and class of its Sales Associates. Hence from the beginning, the company’s focus has been to offer the superior class agents with instruments and services to assist them to succeed. By drawing quality agents and endowing them with training, guidance, support in addition to the liberty to run their businesses according to their choice, the company has evolved as a leading real estate organization in the world (Remax, n.d.). Remax has been successful in developing a fortified global network of sales force that has helped in establishing the Remax brand to billions of buyers and sellers i n the real estate market. Assessment of the Management Style of Remax The planinng of Remax is based on the notion that the success of the company depends on the success of its agents and sales associates. Hence the company attempts to provide a professional environment conductive for learning to its human resources. The Growth Model that has been followed by the Management of Remax is as

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