Monday, August 12, 2019

Paradox of Why Philosophy is Dangerous Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Paradox of Why Philosophy is Dangerous - Essay Example Although a lot of people do not acknowledge philosophy, it is essential that some advantages are outlined. The research provides a number of reasons why philosophy is still an important area of study and evaluation in the current life. It is identified that a lot of ideas in today’s world are all associated with philosophy. For example, the language spoken has been identified as the disparity between actions and things, an idea proving that language is associated with philosophy. The research contrasts the given advantages by providing information on the dangers of associating with philosophers. Among the many dangers described, the essay provides clear ways explaining how philosophy is a dangerous method of acquiring information. In a quench to widen their scope of understanding statements, philosophers end up settling on the wrong meanings of the given statements. The research shows prove from two philosophers who proved that one prove in a philosophers world leads to a different finding. The essay provides information that shows how philosophy posses’ danger to everyone including children. Young philosophers are faced with different challenges that are elaborated in depth in the paper. Ragnar says that these challenges include the ability to identify the truth in philosophical statements yet according to philosophers, every statement is true. This does not only involve children because the research shows how philosophy becomes dangerous to the young people. In the quest to seek for knowledge, Young people end up getting caught up in expound able ideas of philosophy. Isn’t it strange how philosophy is far more dangerous than walking on all known slippery rocks? Probably, it would be better to ask why too much thinking causes immense intellectual strain, a basis for various philosophers going bonkers. Many of studies done in colleges are meant to educate people regarding a certain subject in all available details.

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