Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Implementing Strategy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Implementing Strategy - Research Paper ExampleThe above organizational chart would work for IKEA because it would help make its operation less(prenominal) complicated. The Ingka Foundation would act as the executive committee. This committee would provide direction and support to the regional organize. The committee would handle IKEAs strategic priorities. The regional structure should compose the members of the executive committee other than the Chief Executive Officer (Ingvar Kamprad or his successor). These other members of the IKEAs executive committee should head the regions in which the companion operates. This would provide for representation of the regions in the decision-making role of the executive committee and enhance the implementation its policies while reporting regional needs and emergent circumstances to the companys top leadership (Steers et. al., 2010).The regional structure is meant to enhance connection with local consumers through a combination of localizatio n and centralization. This would help overcome the challenges that IKEA encountered when it launched into the US market. Consumers of different regions have varying tastes and preferences and as long as IKEA does not adopt a regional structure, it will not address the needs of the consumers of the regions in to which it might expand. IKEA should allow the regional structure to vary its management to suit their environments. This would also have the advantage of speeding up the decision-making process especially because regional leaders will sit in the executive committee meetings (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012).The lowest level in this proposed organizational chart is the strategic business unit (SUB). These units atomic number 18 the geographically operating segments that would have several advantages for IKEA. They would help IKEA meat the taste and lifestyle needs of the people of their different geographical regions. Different geographical regions be different stages of development a nd SUBs would help IKEA vary its

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