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Sylvester Stallone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sylvester Stallone - Essay ExampleHis mother, Jackie Stallone, was of two origins. She was half(a)-Russian and half French. He has a younger brother, Frank Stallone and both were both named later their paternal grandfather. Since his baptism, he has been a Catholic. During his childhood, he suffered a lot from his parents hostility. His parents were so hostile that their relationship ended in a break up in 1957. This direct to Sylvester moving to Philadelphia with his mother and a foster father. Due to environmental and social changes, Sylvester suffered faculty member and emotional changes. He became very troubled in school and this led to his expulsion in about of the schools that he joined. His mother enrolled him to a special high school for the troubled and mischievous youth. While at Philadelphia, he spent most of his time at foster care but this changed after join Devereaux High School where he joined the gym class and jumped lifting weights (Sanford, Carl and Howard 1 5). After his graduation, he won an acrobatic scholarship program at an American College located in Switzerland. He became a coach of a girls athletic club and after a short time gained interest in drama. He asterisked in of the school productions in the college. This motivated him to join the world of drama and he could not remain to go back to the United States of America where he joined the University of Miami and studied drama. It is in 1969 when he unyielding to pursue his dream in drama and acting. He went back to New York where he had to work in different low paying workplaces to make ends meet. He became an usher at a New York home and worked part time jobs at the Central Park Zoo. He made his first appearance in the put down industry after acting a soft-core porn snap by the name A party at kitty studs. He frequently auditioned and soon became famous in the industry callable to his role as a tough person in most films paralyzed (Sanford, Carl and Howard 12). However, the industry became more than competitive and he became discouraged after being turned down for the film The Godfather in 1971. This led to Sylvester turning his attention to writing screenplays and it bore fruit in 1973 after he starred in the movie Rebel. Sylvesters first major role in the film industry was in 1976 after he wrote the movies script. A fight between Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali form, which he wrote the script, had motivated him (Dunn). He wanted to play the role himself and after a long struggle with producers Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler, he was assigned the role. The film became very successful and was nominated for best actor and best original screenplay at the Academy Awards. Stallone earn lots of profits from this film. In 1982, he had the role of writing and directing Rocky II that became a major success after grossing over $200 million. This became the turning point for his career in the film industry. All the films he directed from this point on gain ed lots of money irrespective of the presence of critics to his films (Celebrity earnings Worth). These films include Rambo, The specialist, Cash, Tango, Cobra, Demolition Man among others (Stallone 15). The new millennium did not pose a good start to Sylvesters career since the movies that he stared in or produced did not sell as expected. However, a re-production of Rambo in 2008 and later The Expendables made him rise in chats at the film

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