Monday, May 13, 2019

Sex Trafficking in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sex Trafficking in America - Essay ExampleThis paper is an attempt to, briefly, explore, and understand the extent and depth of end up trafficking at bottom the United States, the actions taken by the government to combat this problem and the way forward. Discussion Significant here to note is that almost all the statistics regarding this trafficking atomic number 18 unreliable and incomplete because m both of these activities are taking localise off the grid and underground. However, some statistics indicate that at least 0.1 million and as much as 0.3 million children within the United States are victims of sex trafficking within the country. During the past few months, many US conjure ups have passed legislation considering the increasing seriousness of this problem. The State of Virginia, during the first week of May 2012, passed new anti-human trafficking laws. It was on April 5, 2012, that Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed the legislation, which criminalized human traffick ing within West Virginia thus effectively making it the forty-ninth state to pass anti-human trafficking laws, with only Wyoming left as the only state in the absence of any anti-human trafficking laws. Earlier in November 2011, Massachusetts became the 48th state pass such legislation according to which the pimps and new(prenominal) running brothels and forcing women and children into labor and internal exploitation would receive life imprisonment. Furthermore, the law would also treat the women and children force into prostitution as victims rather than offenders. In the aftermath of the report, which indicated, that every year over 1000 US-born children are forced into sex trade and more than 800 immigrants extend the victim for trafficking in the state of Ohio, the policymakers in the state created an anti-human trafficking task force. However, human rights activists and NGOs still believe that US has a lot to do to protect the victims of sex trafficking and discourage such events from happening in the near future. Even today, USA is a tier 1 country for trafficking that means that the government is only meeting the minimum requirements to solve the problem. Furthermore, unlike Massachusetts in many other states, the trafficking laws and law enforcement agencies, rather than providing relief to the victims consider them as the offenders. More importantly, these people, even when freed from sexual exploitation and bonded labour, these people have to face the social stigma associated with their past lives. They fail to become strong functioning members of the society because the authorities refuse to clear their indicates. On top of it, even if they try to become a part of the society, multiple arrests, incarceration, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, deportation and presence of a criminal record prevent them from doing so. Furthermore, many states have also failed to include safe harbor clauses into the anti-trafficking laws to protec t the minors, eliminate their liability, and describe them as victims.

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