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Quality of life and functioning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Quality of sprightliness sentence and functioning - Essay ExampleA holistic nursing plan is vital when caring for perseverings as in the case of Mr. and Mrs. doubting Thomas. Among other things, the nurse as a care giver should work together with health facilities and community members in the promotion and maintenance of health, illness care and rehabilitation of patients. Quality of manners and Functioning Good health is desirable for all people whether they are reasonable or not. However, in some instances, human beings end up being affected by chronic illnesss, such as cancer, that have grievous implications on the life of an individual. Chronic affections like cancer can lead a person to experience grave depression as he/she tries to deal with the effects of the disease. Individuals with chronic diseases a great deal experience challenges in their social life as they are not able to enjoy life as expected (Aldwin & Gilmer, 2004). It is important to note that persons with c hronic diseases need to be given adequate care. They should be assisted to meet their personal needs, such as bathing, toileting and dressing. In addition, they should be given the necessary assist in performing their daily tasks like shopping, paying bills, using telephone, as surface as navigating personal and social environments. Health promotion services should be able to optimize health and healthy air of individuals distress from chronic diseases. ... Dangerous diseases, such as breast cancer affecting Mrs. Thomas, have near effects in life. They can interfere with quite a lot of e preciseday activities of an individual. The disease may affect the senses making it difficult for the patient to see or hear, thereby affecting personal mobility. The disease also has diverse effects on the social life of the individual. Such patients should be assisted to strike their normal body functioning as suggested by Aldwin and Gilmer (2004). Health care is extremely necessary since it enables the amelioration of patients lives. Caregivers should consider nutrition, dental care, exercise and physical activity when attending to patients. Care givers should also ensure that patients suffering from cancer stop smoking cigarette. The main aspects that must be addressed in the life of the patient that should be managed effectively include the physical, psychological, and social components. Health promotion and quality of life practices are very important in ensuring that patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer get necessary sanction from their care givers. Without health promotion tips, the patient risks suffering from depression they may even succumb to the disease easily (Aldwin & Gilmer, 2004). Personal perceptions affect Mrs. and Mr. Thomas in several ways. The two see their heath shape to bee too serious that they will eventually succumb. Patients who have personal perceptions that they can never get well are very difficult to treat. The nurs e can provide the best possible care unless without change in perception, there can never be change. Personal perceptions lead to more depression. Secondly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas believe that friends have

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