Saturday, May 4, 2019

Network Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Network Security - Essay ExampleIts ability to incorporate seamlessly in-person functionalities such as digital entertainment and business such as opening emails has make it a favorite in the corporate world, and no doubt a major target for hackers. blackberry bush handheld devices run on the blackberry bush operating system that supports the use of specialized input devices betrothed specifically to capture the elite smartphone user ( blackberry support 2009). Features such as the track pad and roughly recently, the touch screen give the blackberry devices a unique design and places it a par above its closest rivals in the market. The BlackBerry Network Architecture Network architecture is the layout that includes the hardw are, software components, the means of information graft, and the communication protocols governing data transfer. BlackBerry devices are not merely standalone devices they are integrated into a complex network that seeks to deliver remotely various serv ices to users. This is convenient especially in an enterprise setting where corporate users need to handle multiple tasks. Basically, blackberry devices connect and with other external devices in four ways. A data cable enables personal computer connectivity via the blackberry enterprise software, this mainly for transfer of cross-files and media. Bluetooth connectivity synchronizes the device with other external devices and sess be used to create an ad hoc network for file and resource sharing. Finally, piano tuner and radiocommunication connectivity serve the primary function of voice and data synchronize communication. The BlackBerry wireless, and radio connectivity platform makes it possible for an organization to offer its employees with access to its email master of ceremoniess even when away from the office. Blackberry devices connect wirelessly to networks using various transport architectures, and all devices have a specific transport way that it associates with. Ulti mately blackberry security is best when linked up with the blackberry enterprise server, which is designed specifically cooperate and commercial use. This server allows the smartphone to run on a remote platform with all the prerequisite functionalities stored separate from the device. In essence, the blackberry place successfully be used for corporate business functions, and for personal use without any compromise on data integrity. Wi-Fi transport architecture provides internet connection to winding devices, of a link to private networks. Through least cost routing, a wireless connection can be configured to allow a device connect to the enterprise server platform. This is because connections via the Wi-Fi transport are considered less expensive compared to other transport architectures like cellular transport. The TCP cellular transport relies on a wireless service provider usually via radio connectivity. Normally configurations are provided by wireless service providers who c onfigure the device based on their infrastructure. Another transport system associated with blackberry devices is the blackberry internet service. In this model, connection is established through the blackberry infrastructure. This automatically qualifies for the least cost routing and can be successfully integrated with the Wi-Fi transport. The blackberry MDS transport essentially is a mix of cellular radio transport and Wi-Fi transport. This transport allows a device to directly link up with its associated BlackBerry enterprise server via Blackberry infrastructure. Connection in this instance can be made using Wi-Fi or supple radio but, all

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