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Question: Discuss about the Violence in the Workplace. Answer: Workplace violence According to the article, Violence in the Workplace (2009), workplace violence is common and a universal phenomenon that cuts across all organizations. Workplace violence is one of the ridiculous incidents I have ever encountered in my life. The crisis that I encountered was a misunderstanding between the administrative manager and his personal assistance secretary. The problem started way back when the organization set out and hired a new administrative manager. Upon hiring the new administrative manager, a few weeks in office after the newly hired manager had acquainted himself with the organization`s system and procedures, it was his time to exercise his mandate to bring positive changes to the organization. In the event of trying to introduce the changes, it was difficult for the administrative manager to cope with other staff members starting from his personal secretary. The secretary noted the new changes will affect their status quo and had to find a defensive way to maintain their way of life. Thus, the secretary started developing excuses in office. First, the secretary was complaining of being overworked and the strictness of the manager was a threat. The worsened to an extent it was almost going physical. This brought a lot of tension in office and the senior management was called upon to intervene. What I did, I made my due diligence and consultation about the matter by obtaining the right facts from the two members. I asked each of them to explain what they know about the conflict. After collecting the facts I asked them to give independently the solution before I further give my verdict. As a result, we discussed together and amicably got a solution to the problem. Although the event of solving the crisis was successful, I can ascribe to (Coombs, 2007) that failure to select a team and failure to draw a conflict management plan to solve a crisis has an impact on the verdict of this crisis hence this affected the outcome to some extent. Also, time was a problem because we hurriedly made a decision very fast without calling upon witness to give their testimony. As such, I can`t summarize that the information gathered was enough as much as we arrived at a solution. In future, I will deploy new strategies of management a similar crisis by selecting the best team to discuss the matter in a forum and maybe create a crisis management plan to guide us to make decisions. The plan should include: gathering of facts, preparedness, communicating effectively, assemble resources and create a crisis management team to handle the problem as a group (Perrone, 1999). The obstacle that will always be present when dealing with crisis; now and in future is the obstacle of dealing with personal and people emotions (Mitroff Anagnos, 2001). We ought to be moderate and fair when giving chances because the problems of being biased in a meeting to solve crisis might turn out to cause adverse problems or even interfere with the outcome of the crisis management process. Also, time is another issue whereby as the investigator I should take much time to extract facts if the matter is not of urgency. References Violence in the Workplace. 2009.Security Manager's Guide to Disasters, 151-171. doi:10.1201/9781439809075.ch24 Perrone, S., 1999.Violence in the Workplace(Vol. 22). Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. Mitroff, I.I. and Anagnos, G., 2001. Managing crisis before they happen.AMACOM American Management Association. Coombs, T.W., 2007. Crisis management and comm

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