Friday, November 1, 2019

Select a notable quote or phrase, which capture your thoughts about Essay

Select a notable quote or phrase, which capture your thoughts about Architecture - Essay Example For building different setups, we require someone who can comprehend our desired ideas and notions and convert them into our dreamt buildings. Jackie Craven (2011) defines architect as â€Å"An architect is a licensed professional who organizes space. Architects design houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes, and even entire cities†. Therefore, an architect is a person who is a specialist and has gained expertise at designing and construction. He is the one who can help us in constructing the places that inspire us or are part of our dreams. The buildings that we require in our daily lives can be constructed according to our requirements with the support of an architect. We can observe many beautiful and charming buildings at different places in the world such as Taipei 101 of Taiwan, Shanghai World Financial Center of China, Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia, The Sears Tower of Chicago, Jin Mao Tower of China, Two International Financial Center of China, Shun Hing Sq uare and Burj Khalifa of UAE (Hasan 2008). The mentioned buildings are architectural wonders and are categorized among the world’s tallest buildings. No one can deny the architectural contribution of the designed buildings as without architectural thoughts, designing and construction, such awesome buildings cannot be constructed. Architects change our dreams to reality.

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