Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Legislation that affects on the school funding Essay

Legislation that affects on the school funding - Essay Example In the paper, each issue of the main factor will be briefly discussed, then a solution is proposed after the issue to allow improvement within the university in the long term. In Fall 2004, when Vice Chancellor Neal Smatresk transferred to the UHM from the University of Texas at Arlington where he served as a dean of science department for the past 20 years, he immediately noticed of the severity of the class shortage problem at UHM. Since then, he had been activity involved in designing an information system that would increase the efficiency and searched for cause of the problem. He noted that UHM is a traditional university where changes to the infrastructure are frequently faced with administrators' resilient. This made chancellor position more difficult since he is always on a crusade to convince the university to place student needs as the top priority. Through a transparency in administration and high emphasis on student needs, he stated, it would create more trust in the system and shed more lights on the values UHM is projecting. Many of the Smatresk's solutions were partially implemented in the system, and the statistic and student feedbacks provided him the confidence to continue the direction he is at.

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