Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Statement of Educational Philosophy Essay examples -- Philosophy of Ed

Statement of Educational Philosophy What is a humanitarian? Webster's Dictionary defines it as one who practices philanthropy; an effort to promote human welfare. As a child, I always knew I wanted to become a humanitarian. I have always loved to help people, which I viewed as a very special gift granted from God. However, it never occurred to me that becoming a teacher would be the best way to share my gift. I always looked at health care options and even exceeded in the nursing program. However, it did not fulfill my dreams and standards of becoming a humanitarian. I wanted to enlighten people and make a difference in society. After starting the nursing program and working in the hospital, I knew it was not what I wanted to proceed with in my life. I needed a different way to make a difference. Patients were scared and sick which lead to unhappiness in my life. I searched my soul for the answer and it did not take me long to find it. I decided to become a teacher. It feels like the perfect way to express myself in society, and to contribute to mankind. I can think of many times when my teachers made an impact on my life. I want to be that teacher; the teacher that my former students can search the past and remember something inspirational that I said. I hope that something I said can help them in the real world. I want to become an elementary teacher at a local school. After I teach a few years, I plan to take classes in early education and work towards my master's degree. I also want to be active in extracurricular activities in the school. I think that sports and other activities are essential in a child's life. I believe that children who participate in such g... .... By giving students choices and listening to their opinions, they will feel less intimidated and victimized. My students will have responsibilities, when students are empowered they are less likely to vent rage. As a teacher, you must eliminate problems before they even start, you must let your students know who the boss is, and then become their friend. My educational philosophy is one of many. I believe in progressivism and many views of my own. I have adopted many of my viewpoints from my teachers of the past. The teachers that have made an impact on my life are the teachers that I want to become. Through the years, I have seen what students appreciate. I know what teachers I respected and what philosophies they used. I will become that teacher; the teacher that I thought was too hard on me. The one I now go back to and say "thank you."

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