Friday, October 4, 2019


SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC POLICY-CASE STUDIES IN POLICY DECISION - PowerPoint Presentation Example However, an analysis of the economic and implications to the industry indicate that the project was a worthy venture. In addition, international pressure, technological and issues pertaining to foreign policy indicated that the project was worthwhile. In looking at the procedures followed in estimating the cost of producing the TSR-2 planes there is the realization that budgeting was a major problem. The budgeting process might have been a bad note to begin a project of this caliber, but one still needs to understand that the project was fairly new and the details were still hazy. The BAC Company gave the government a fairly good deal of  £ 625 million but the government’s final offer stood at  £ 620 million. The general realization is that there were many problems that had already been associated with the project other than the cost that influenced its final cancellation. The over-politicization and concentration on the problems overshadowed the long term economic benefits of the project. For instance, the fact that the Australians opted for the America F111 did not imply that they were not ready to buy the TSR-2. TSR-2 was superior technologically and maybe the Australians wanted a better deal with better terms. For instance, the Australians could have been allowed to test the TSR-2 using their own pilots in British Soil. The TSR-2 project also happened at a time when the government had placed strict regulations governing military expenditure. In addition, the bureaucracy created by the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Supplies presented numerous challenges for the project at different stages; these factors only magnified the already evident skeptism surrounding the project. The government was looking at the amount of revenue that would be immediately saved and perhaps channeled in other areas instead of concentrating on the long term benefits of the project. However, the number of jobs

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