Thursday, October 17, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 14

Research Paper Example This is what the author refers to as the The dark side of the all-American meal tackling issues related to the poor pay of farmers, distorted supply chains that result in food contamination among other relevant factors. In the process of analysing the subject matter, Schlosser applies unique writing strategies that not only improve the books efficiency but also create an entertaining reading for the audience. He exhibits straightforward reporting skills, use of simple language, personalization of the context through the use of first language and imagery to deliver a perfectly written and well research book. The first notable writing strategy used by Schlosser is the use of imagery. The author states the book with a clear description of the terrain and later on proceeds to use similar forms of descriptive writing throughout the book as a means of engaging his audience. The first use of imagery is in the introductory part where he describes the Cheyenne Mountain as being on the eastern slope of Colorado’s Front Range, rising steeply from the prairie and overlooking the city of Colorado Springs† (p. 9). In the next chapter, he delivers a vivid imagery of the process of buying fast food; a process familiar to most Americans. He writes that â€Å"Pull open the glass door, feel the rush of cool air, walk in, get on line, study the backlit color photographs above the counter, place your order, hand over a few dollars, watch teenagers in uniforms pushing various buttons, and moments later take hold of a plastic tray full of food wrapped in colored paper and cardboard† (p. 9 ). The two incidences of descriptive writing state above are very significant in the book since they provide the audience with a clear picture of the situation the author is grounding on for his arguments. Due to the effectiveness of such descriptive writing, it comes as no surprise that Stonehill uses a similar writing technique in his song, American Fast

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