Monday, October 7, 2019

Discussion Questions #3 and #4 Personal Statement

Discussion Questions #3 and #4 - Personal Statement Example This has become an accepted economic activity in some countries bringing about a heated debate in some areas as to whether it is moral or not. Aesthetics are not left behind. The dressing codes of people are aimed at attracting the attention of others. In some areas, some clothes are not acceptable especially by females as they are seen to expose them naked hence entice the male counterparts to desire them sexually. This is seen as dangerous to the society because of several sexually transmitted diseases that can potentially claim lives of people thereby drastically reducing human population (White, 2004, p. 116). Zero population growth refers to the situation where there is no growth in human population. It technically occurs when the number of babies born is equal to the number of people dying. It could be reasonable for the world’s global growth since it makes it possible to predict and plan effectively for both the current and future populations. However, it is not attainable since there are different policies in different countries regarding issues of

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