Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why Hitler was Able to Dominate Germany by 1934 :: Papers

Why Hitler was Able to Dominate Germany by 1934 Hitler was able to dominate Germanyby 1934 because of many events that occurred between 1923 and 1934 which helped his rise to power. In 1919 Hitler became the leader of the German workers party. By 1920 it was renamed the Nazi party and Hitler was its leader. Hitler organised the party as a military group, in 1921 he set up a private army called the Sturm-Abteilung or the SA. They dressed in brown and were sometimes known as brown shirts. Most were young men and some where former members of friekorps. The SA was designed to intimidate and destroy opposition; their militaristic style gave emphasis on the party's discipline and reminded citizens of Germany's strong militaristic background in the hope of gaining support. On 9th November 1923 Germanywas in chaos and Hitler allied with the former general ludendorf and attacked the government in Munichwith all 300 members of his party. This rebellion is known as the Munichputsch, it was however crushed by those still loyal to the government and Hitler was sentenced to 8 months in Landsberg fortress. His weak sentence and comfortable lodgings in prison show that even then people supported his anti-Semitic views. In prison Hitler wrote mien kampf (my struggle) which was an auto biography containing a detailed account of his views. This when published in 1925 quickly became a best seller and was a type of bible for the Nazi party. Hitler's time in prison let him think and he decide that if he wanted power he would have to obtain it legally through being voted in by the people. Democracy had some weaknesses and Hitler was ready to exploit them. Even though after the Munichputsch the Nazi party was banned they carried on campaigning and entered the Reichstag elections in a different name. In the May elections of 1924 they earned 32 seats, even though this dropped to 14 in December of the same year they still remained in the government which was the foothold Hitler would use to

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