Friday, August 9, 2019

XBUS Man Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

XBUS Man - Assignment Example Therefore, if Davis worked overtime, it was out of his wish since he was aware of the policy. The defendant claims though Davis was the meat market manager at the North Carolina branch he used to work at Martinsville, Virginia sometimes and he was warned about the overtime by the supervisor there but he chose still to ignore, maybe because he enjoyed his job and wouldn’t mind if he worked extra time. It is a federal law. The law that is being litigated is the Fair Labor Standards Act section 7(a). The Act states the circumstances on which an employee can do overtime and the reward for the overtime. It categorically states that for overtime to be effective there must be an agreement between the employer and employee. For them to come up with terms, that will be binding between them, concerning the overtime. The law however put the limits on the amount of reward the employee shall receive from the employer. The amount should not be less than one hundred and fifty percent as compared to what one earns per hour on a regular pay (â€Å"FairLaborStandAct.pdf†, n.d.). This law tries to bring harmony between the employee and employer regarding overtime. Over the years prior to the enactment of this law, employers misused labor by using their employees as slaves, thus the government found it necessary to develop a legal framework that will ensure smooth operation and relation at w orkplace. The employer has a stronger argument against the plaintiff that is Mr. Jerry S. Davis regarding the overtime compensation dispute. The law states very clearly that for overtime to be effective there must be an agreement between the employer and employee and in this agreement they should agree on reward. The plaintiff didn’t discuss with the employer on matter concerning overtime but rather thought since the law recognizes overtime he is entitled to be rewarded. The Act only gave direction on the minimum reward

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