Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sleep and Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sleep and Culture - Essay Example This study will guide the readers to understand how factors such as the environment and culture affect the sleeping pattern of a person. Keywords: sleeping pattern, environment, culture Sleep and Culture 2 Sleep and Culture Sleep is an essential activity of our body. The function of sleep has a significant effect in our body. One function of sleep is to repair and to restore both body and brain because during the waking life, our body and brain â€Å"produce wear and tear on the body and some mind/brain down time (Nairne, 2003)† and this can be fixed during sleeping. Another function of sleep is that it increases our survival value. It was believed that â€Å"sleep is an adaptive response to changing environmental condition, a form of behavior that is useful because it increases the chance to survive (Nairne, 2003)†. However, every person has his own sleeping pattern or practice. It is due to the factors such as the environment and culture that affects the sleeping patt ern of a person. The sleeping pattern is incorporated on our biological clock that is influenced by the environment (day and night, climate, lifestyle).

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