Saturday, August 10, 2019

MGT 511 session long project MODULE 5 Performance Management (walmart) Essay

MGT 511 session long project MODULE 5 Performance Management (walmart) - Essay Example The company ensures that the employees have all the tools, techniques which can assist them in improved overall performance as well as help in better results for the company as well (Aguinis). In terms of the weakness of the performance management systems, it is important to note that the company currently utilises a wide range of technologies and also a number of different innovations to keep the company’s sales and transactions in line and completely accounted for (Bacal). However, with the constant and intensive performance training the company leads to high levels of stress for the employees (Harvard Business School Press). Also, the company has been in the news for the low levels of pay that they provide the employees which in turn impacts the company’s performance and also impacts the company’s performance management system as a whole. In order to improve the systems, the company can focus on improving the work place condition for the employees and ensure t hat employees are given the right remuneration for their jobs and are not overworked (Bacal). Also, it is important that the company focuses on developing performance management systems which are focused more on the continuous training. However the company does not focus on the needs of the employees (Armstrong and Baron).

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