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The EDIS Bulletin, the Society's semiannual newsletter, is seeking a new editor following the resignation of Georgiana Strickland, editor since 1991. The Bulletin, which goes to all members of EDIS as part of membership, is aimed at a broad array of readers, both scholarly and nonscholarly, with an interest in Dickinson. It covers the work of contemporary poets and artists influenced by Dickinson; profiles of outstanding Dickinson scholars, past and present; news of the two Dickinson houses in Amherst; reviews of publications and performances of works dealing with the poet; news of the Society and its activities; and other feature articles of interest to the membership. It is not intended as a scholarly journal, a role fulfilled by EDIS's other publication, The Emily Dickinson Journal. EDIS is open to new subject areas and directions for the Bulletin. The duties of the editor include responsibility for the choice of articles to be included, editing of all articles, typesetting and page makeup (or supervision thereof), and arranging for printing and mailing of copies to all members of EDIS. The position is unpaid, but all normal expenses are paid by EDIS. The editor must be a member of EDIS in good standing and a resident of the United States (to facilitate mailing). The editorship carries with it membership on the EDIS Board of Directors. It is hoped that the new editor will begin serving with either the spring 2002 or the fall 2002 issue. Inquiries and letters of interest should be sent to Georgiana Strickland, 133 Lackawanna Rd., Lexington, KY 40503 or via e-mail to The final selection must be approved by the EDIS Board of Directors. SCHOLAR IN AMHERST PROGRAM ANNOUNCED The Emily Dickinson International Society announces the creation of a Scholar in Amherst Program. The program is designed to support research on Emily Dickinson at institutions such as the Frost Library of Amherst College, the Jones Public Library, the Mount Holyoke College Archives, the Dickinson Homestead, the Evergreens, and the Amherst Historical Society. Each year EDIS will provide a $2,000 fellowship, to be used for travel, accommodations, a rental car, and expenses related to research. A minimum stay of a week in Amherst is required; recipients may also use the fellowship to initiate a lengthier stay in the area. We will give preference to persons who are in the early stages of their careers with demonstrable need to do research in Amherst institutions.

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