Thursday, August 29, 2019

Business Management ( Organizational Behavior ) Essay

Business Management ( Organizational Behavior ) - Essay Example I would show this trait to my boss by making myself indispensable in every difficult situation and by saying â€Å"It’s difficult but it will be taken care of† rather than â€Å"no it is impossible†. Vision: It is necessary that the leader should have the exposure, industry insight and knowledge of what other industry members are doing in similar situations in other parts of the world. This is required in order to be successful and keep the edge as compared to the competitors. For this purpose, I would visit all industry events including seminars, conferences, and exhibitions all over the world in order to keep myself updated and to be able to bring the new technology being practiced successfully in other countries to my organization. Role Model: In a leadership position, one should understand, that you should have personality traits including personal values, ethics and morals and a code of conduct that the other people in the organization and the publics outside the organization including vendors, shareholders, society and government officials not only find acceptable but also such that are desired in a person on the top. In other words, it’s not only your talent and work that matters but also your moral values and ethics that will win you a place at the top by inspiring others. To show this trait, I will strictly keep my religious views to myself, but understand the beliefs of everyone else and will avoid displaying controversial behavior in public including alcoholism, public demonstration of affection and irresponsibility especially in the office and at public areas. Networking: for any organization to be successful, it is necessary that the people leading it should have the necessary contacts and presence in the social and industry circles. To demonstrate this, I will have membership and an important role in industry or trade associations, network with the relevant Government

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