Thursday, July 18, 2019

Is There A Political Glass Ceiling? Essay

The author makes explicit points to support the argument presented that there is a political glass ceiling for women in politics.   The author makes this conclusion based on statistical data and historical research from geographical political data. The underlying premise behind the glass ceiling for women’s struggle in the political arena rests in cultural stigmas throughout the sociocultural micosocieties that comprise the nation.   This is proven, as women are typically more likely to be elected among the more urban and educated regions.   There are vast stereotypes associated with gender roles scattered across the sociocultural microcosms of society.   Thus, is there indeed a glass ceiling?   The answer is ultimately no. Women are as capable and as career-oriented as men. Women are as successful as men.   Women are as competitive as men.   The author notes these facts.   The author also notes that what we are faced with in politics are women and men going face to face in competition, something we are not accustomed to in a male-dominated society.   However, women are not viewed in the same way consistently across our society.   Our society is composed of multiple heterogeneous microsocieties. There is not a glass ceiling because the main issue that is being dealt with when examining women in politics is sociocultural.   There is no glass ceiling for if there was indeed a glass ceiling the heights of women’s struggle in politics would not have come as far as it has today.   Years ago women were not even afforded the right to vote.   Now we have women serving in the Senate, House, and running for the Presidency among serving in other vast political capacities.   The real issue to be addressed in efforts to move women forward in the political arena is to strategically plan for a sociocultural revolution.   It has actually been evolving over time and is the reason women have made it to the place they have today in politi

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