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Re-offender puts lives at risk Essay Example for Free

Re-offender puts lives at risk EssayEx-convict Mr. Jones was held in custody yesterday for the bribery of 2 local children, yap and Jill Bramcote. The pair of children aged no less than 12 were bribed with a pack of sweets to climb up the green cumulus formally k promptlyn as the death trap to collect a pale of water. The 2 children unaware of the great jeopardy accepted the offer to whence risk their lives.Whilst on their voyage up the death trap to the derelict well Jack passed out from exhaustion and dehydration, falling 40 meters to the ground. Unfortunately Jill came plummeting afterward trying to save her be-loved brother.When questioned all Mr Jones had to say was, stupid naive kids But of cause we all no Mr. Jones is very used to the you encounter a accountability to remain silent, anything you do say may be held against you in court concept as this isnt his first time in trouble with the police now is it Mr Jones? Mr Jones is due to be in court next week for a n umber of charges, one of which aiding and betting.Haunted HappeningsTwo local 9 year elderly children Jack and Jill Morris were found in a critical state at the bottom of the green hill on Saturday evening. Its thought that the 2 children were planning on climbing the hill to excavate their belief that the derelict well is not haunted and is not the home of bloody Mary. A girl from the childrens school explains the myths,well for generations hatful that absorb lived in the village of Nottingham have known that the well at the top of the green hill is haunted and that it is the home of the bloody Mary, a unlawful women, who can poses anyone with evil spirits, and marks all victims with a Greek symbolTrails found on the green hill have been identified as Jack and Jills, the trails were found going up the hill, but none were found coming consume it, there is no evidence that Jack and Jill ever came down the hill, to that extent they both ended up at the bottom of it. Doctors hav e stated that the cause of the pairs injury was not due to a trip or a fall. Symbols forensics found on the wall of the well have also been found on Jack and Jill on their left shoulder. After an intense 2 days historians reported that the symbol means let the curse be upon the persons whom are marked and that it is Greek terminology.Both children are in intensive care and have not yet awoken. Police hope to question the pair when they regain consciousness and have said that until then they cannot comment on the evidence until by dint of so. The green hill and well have both been cordoned off until more evidence has been gathered on the happenings of the 22nd January.Killer constructionOn Tuesday twenty-third October 2008 police found 2 children in a critical state at the bottom of a hill in Nottingham. Its believed that the children (not named for security reasons) were roaming the town in their holidays and decided to get a drink from a well positioned on the summit of the hill. Prints have been found on the well matching the childrens and so prove they got to the well, but after having a drink the pair had a water fight and in frantic running, rushing, ducking and diving the eldest out of the devil came stumbling down the hill after falling over a piece of timber. All alone the younger sibling was left startled and shocked, and came running down after her brother only to fall over a scaffolding pole left behind after construction work.The pair was airlifted to the nearest infirmary and received urgent medical care. Police investigating found the construction company, Gilford Try to blame due to the state the company left the hill in after aborting a major plan to build a mega-home on the land. The company should by law put up signs, posters and gates with warning and danger written in bold that can be clearly seen, however the company didnt have any signs or anything to indicate danger. Seen as the company failed to acquire the rules, they have been fin ed 300,000.The mother of the children gave us her view, I think its pathetic, a big company like that would risk lives and their reputation just because they cant be daunted to put up a few signs There is no excuse for putting someones life at risk and thats just what they did to both of my children putting them through a lot of pain and suffering. It seems they left behind a death trap only to start building another one Susan Miles the mother of the children have begun the process of suing the company and will have a minimum settlement of 400,000.Step up or fall downOn Monday of last week celebrities Jack Johnson and Jill Hepp were both emitted to hospital with several broken bones after a terrible accident filming choreography for their upcoming movie footfall up two, the streets.Jack was said to have tripped over whilst lifting Jill, sending the pair flying down the Hollywood hill. First aiders on standby immediately handle the stars while waiting for a helicopter to airlift t hem both to the nearest private hospital. In a statement the producers of step up two, the streets announced that the films show date has been postponed until November.

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