Sunday, June 9, 2019

Racism in basketball between china and USA Research Paper

Racism in basketball amid china and USA - Research Paper ExampleIn 2011, the United States infirmity President Joe Biden made atrip to Beijing chinaware, and on the second day of his visit, there was a friendly basketball match. That was between the United States Georgetown Hoyas team and Chinas Army-affiliated Bayi Rockets team. However, the basketball match did not turn out to be so much friendly eventually because each of the teams began engaging in hostile pushing and yelling. It persisted until one Chinese basketball player hurt in the abdomen shouted racist and offensive remarks at the Georgetown Hoyas coach, which made an charge of both sides rising from their benches and crowding the basketball court.The scuffle rapidly evolved into a very rough brawl between the United States and Chinese players. The chaotic fracas lasted for a few minutes while the referees watched on, and the basketball players stomped on each otherwise and threw chairs towards one another. In additi on to this, the audience tossed full water bottles and other waste at the basketball court to add salt to the injury. Eventually, the Georgetown Hoyas coach called off his team from the basketball court, and the match was ruled a tie between the two teams (Stone, 2011).Reactions to the skirmish among the Chinese people were torn between humiliation and conceit because of racism. To a majority of the Chinese people, the incident tarnished the ambiance of hospitality that China had been trying to exhibit while the United States Vice President was in the country. It was indeed embarrassing to the Chinese people and a major loss of guinea pig for them. Several people who watched the scuffle between China and the United States called the Chinese players hooligans with poor basketball techniques, and even poorer character. However, some people applauded the Chinese players belligerence as bravery toppled with statements of racism. It involved the people saying that

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