Thursday, June 20, 2019

Organic Thin Film Transistor Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organic Thin Film Transistor - Research Paper ExampleThe top diagram (a) shows a top contact device in which the two (source and drain) electrodes are evaporated onto the semiconducting layer by applying a mask and the stool diagram (b) shows a bottom contact device in which the semiconductor is deposited onto the gate insulator with prefabricated electrodes.Studies on organic semiconductors began in the 1940s and these components were mostly used in xerography due to their photoconductive properties. They have only gained more widespread attention in recent years due to impressive performance and efficiency improvements making it possible for a wider range of further applications. In particular, the considerable improvements in OTFTs have led to an enhanced understanding of their conduction mechanisms and performance characteristics, and fabrication technologies have been developed for optimising their sound structure and structural order2.It should also be noted however, that des pite the advancement in OTFTs and increasing uses for them, they are still not able to replace the more habitual inorganic based TFTs for certain applications in which faster switching speeds are required. This is due to their still relatively small(a) mobility, despite considerable improvement in this regard, as shown in the chart below3. On the other hand, OTFTs are better suited where large area coverage is required and they offer compelling advantages of low cost, low temperature processing and structural flexibility. This makes them especially useful for switching in active matrix flat panel displays that consist of liquid crystal pixels or organic LEDs, for radio frequency identification tags (RFIDs), etc.As with inorganic semiconductors, organic semiconductors are also directly affected by such features as purity, crystallinity, molecular packing and growth mode4. The microstructure and morphology of all transistor devices are therefore important because they determine thei r electrical

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