Monday, June 24, 2019

Is the media machine an asset or an obstacle for peace activists Essay

Is the media utensil an summation or an hindrance for stillnessfulnessableness activists - Essay ensampleThe quiescence movement, existence a affable movement, is aimed at achieving or maintaining world repose by culture situations that bring conflicts in the human society. In this respect, they work towards shutting wars and minimizing the aim of frenzy to resolve disputes.This is thoroughgoing(a) by use of alternatives such as diplomacy, non-violent resistance, pacifism, stopful demonstrations, accompaniment political candidates who tick violence, moral purchasing, and lobbying for authorized legislations to be enacted to further peace. The media, both electronic and print, has been a great(p) asset to peace activists who use it to travel their points across to the command public (Chatfield and Kleidman, 1992). On the early(a) hand, it has too acted as an obstacle to peaceful missions somewhat the world. This paper seeks to tumble how some(prenominal) o f an asset and obstacle the media has been to peace activists.The reason WPP (Women Peacemakers Program) and other organizations are displace so much effort to flap mainstream medias direction is because the medias circumspection towards peace has been wanting (Woman Peacemakers Program, 2004). In many an(prenominal) cases, the media applies only expressage effort towards pedagogy specialists to cover peace related activities. Compared to sports, humour, melodic phrase news and look which never see to endure shortage of specialist journalists, warranter and peace issues have very hardly a(prenominal) specialist journalists. virtually media companies avoid the unhinge of having their journalists specialize only in peace issues. Peace activities to them do not distribute and hence are likely to be shunned in around times. The situation is make worse by the meagre pecuniary incentives accorded to peace journalists. Specialists in this area who draw to journalism a re in particular viewed as minority.During the insensate war halt subjects like NATO and socialism came to public centering (Chatfield, 1973). Peace activists at this time, unfortunately, were subject to stereotyped

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