Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Within a Dolls House Essay example -- Literary Analysis, Henrik Ibsen

A womens place is in the kitchen is believed by a majority of male Creekview students and about of the worlds male population. Within A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen, Nora, the main character, saves her husbands life by securing a loan to get the money to take a trip to Italy without his consent. In this time period, the1800s or later, it was unheard of to do something without the husbands consent. This is similar to the views of the kindred between men and women in Antigone by Sophocles. Antigone is about the house Laius and its curse, with Antigone, the protagonist, burying her brother, Polynices, when it was forbidden by Creon this crime is punishable by death. She defies man law issue against everything she ever learned, being a rare person to stand up against the man dominated society. Both of these authors, Sophocles and Ibsen, show glimpses into a world that still exists into nowadayss society but a world that is much contrastive with womens capabilities, consanguinity t owards men, and individual rights. In two plays the main characters have diametrical capabilities that are unique to each of them. For instance both show strong will that many women are afraid to show. In Antigone the characters show many different capabilities, Antigone included, with these certain characteristics giving her the ability to bury her brother. As she simply says Antigone Guilty. I did it, I deny it not (Sophocles, pg 189-190). This shows how Antigone is proud of what she is doing, standing up to Creon and his ways with rigid motivation. As well as showing her true commitment to burying Polynices and being proud of doing so. Plus, Antigone displays this strength of commitment more than anyone else in this play. As Ismene and Ant... ... everyplace time, though in these two plays the hope for change shown bright, but generally women were considered weak and therefore had no such powerful rights. To sum it up both of these plays share the same broad message conveyed throughout the entire play. Which includes, women have the capabilities to do more than they show and are allowed to do. As well as the relationship men and women share is not constant, or the same, there are many different views on the relationship they share and many different variations that change as time progresses. Furthermore the rights of women also change with much time, and hard work by many women who have worked hard for their rights and future rights of all women. Some of this fundament lead to these two plays, giving new, bold ideas that were frightening for many during their times but helped for the push for a better tomorrow.

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