Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Socialization Essay -- essays research papers

My socialization while growing up had everything to do with my parents. In my household I didnt have just one certain style of parenting. My mother was a permissive parent, and my father was very much an authoritative dad. This was able to sink because my father travels a lot of the time and is out of the house, therefore giving me the chance take advantage of my mom being so much of a push over. When my father was gone on business I could energise away with anything such as not cleaning my room, staying up as upstart as I wanted, and receiving anything I wanted. If my Mom did not giving in to my requests I would just throw a simple temper tantrum and quin minutes later victory would be mine. On the other hand when my dad was around everything was to be done his way. If he didnt think I needed it, I did not get it, no matter how much complaining and whining. In my Dads mind I had to deserve everything I received, if I did something revile couple days earlier he would remind me about it as I was asking for a bike or what ever else it is I wanted. gullt get me wrong my dad wasnt a mean guy or an abusive father, I knew my limits and when every I would get understood enough to cross that line, he was right there to put back in my place.It isnt hard for me to think back to my gendered socialization, strictly because me being a man was drilled into my head since the day that I was born. I was born on January 6th 1985 in a suburb of Olathe Kansas, and In Olathe high direct sports are everything. I have pictures of me when I was five months old with cowboy outfits, and football uniforms. As I became old enough to walk I was thrown into every sport possible. I played football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. I had make year round sometimes everyday, and no matter how much complaining I did I was at every practice everyday. My father wanted me to be the best at everything I did therefore I spent many nights after practice practicing with him. When I was tha t young I enjoyed every second of practice with my father. Being the best was so deeply instilled in me that anytime I failed it was a catastrophe to me. For ideal in baseball I would probably only strike out three to four times a season, which is great looking back now, provided when I did strike out I became irate. I would be kicked out of those three or fo... ...ang around them but they were way to boring for me. Now days I have a new group of friends, but homophily still takes place. They are my friends in my fraternity. We are all almost exactly alike, some may say too much alike and we have no diversity, but thats the way we like it. We all like to go have a good time, and stay on the edge of breaking the law without falling over. I guess propinquity can be a role as well as because many of my fraternity brothers I met living in the dorms with them. I think that both homophily and propinquity plays roles in everyones relationships with others because when you see someone often you get to know each other whether youre alike or not, and of course youre going to get along with someone who has the same interest as you.As I write this paper I realize that all of these questions I was asked to answer all go back to the way I was raised. My exasperation with sports likely was cause by my dad longing for me to be great. Me homophily with all of the football players was a product of my parents making me do all of the sports. All in all I had a great upbringing and I wouldnt change one thing.

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