Thursday, May 16, 2019

My Educational Philosophy Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

My Educational Philosophy Statement - Essay ExampleIn this essay, I would alike to narrate my educational philosophy, which enabled me to develop my teaching career and explore myself to become the fulfilr of my long marge cherished goal. Since my childhood I have been longing for becoming a good instructor non nevertheless for students but for the community as well. The phrase good instructor can be interpreted in many perspectives depending upon the philosophy sensation follows. Personally, I believe that teacher has a prominent role to play in the lives of his students as he is one of the closest companions who knows students pulses more than any other. As Beth Lewis remarks in a diary article that I believe that a teacher is morally obligated to enter the class inhabit with only the senior high schoolest of expectations for each and every one of her students. Thus, the teacher maximizes the validating benefits that naturally come along with any self-fulfilling forecast ing with dedication, perseverance, and hard work, her students will rise to the occasion (Lewis Beth, n.d.). To become an endless source of inspiration to students, Beth points out that the teacher should be one who views- I aim to bring an open mind, a confirming attitude, and high expectations to the classroom each day. I believe that I owe it to my students, as well as the community, to bring consistency, diligence, and ardor to my job in the hope that I can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well (Lewis Beth, n.d.).Attributes of a TeacherEvery teacher should have certain qualities which make them divergent from others. A teacher should always focus on the benefits of society as a whole. He/she mustiness work for the common good rather than his/her individual interest. In fact, a teacher must be a role model for the whole populace in his/her region. Like any other area, advantage lies in attitude and approach. The successful teachers are everywhe re alike. As Melissa Kelly pointed out, successful teachers share close to common characteristics (Kelly, n.d.). I also believe that the following attributes are unavoidable for a teacher in his career. Sense of HumorThe sense of humor helps to relieve you from tension and make the students happy. A class room with rigorous protocols is no longer produce students creative skills. They might score good marks in the examination, but their creativity will not be satisfactory. They might be poor in blue-blooded skills such as negotiation skill. Furthermore, it allows a teacher to experience the joy of life as a teacher and forget the bitter experiences in his/her life and career. Positive AttitudeAs I mentioned earlier, a teacher is a role model for students. Students always prefer to catch the qualities of their teacher. One with a positive attitude never fails in life is well known to all. In the teaching profession one may come across many hurdles, but they cane be overcome success fully with positive attitude and enthusiasm. The positive attitude of a teacher is inculcated in his/her students through his/her classes and interactions. High ExpectationsOne of the fall upon factors for success is high expectations. If a teacher has high expectations on his/her students, the students will also try to achieve great things in life. But, that does not mean that a teacher should always be after high unrealistic expectations. ConsistencyA positive learning environment is characterized by consistency of a teacher and his approach. The consistency in

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