Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Organ Trafficking Solution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organ Trafficking Solution - Research Paper ExampleIndia has been cited as unrivaled of the countries with the highest number of organ traffickers among other countries such as Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt and China. According to Shimazono (2007), organ transplantation is a therapy that is proficient on persons with dysfunctional organs and is practiced internationally. He notes that nations are illegalizing organ donations, and yet illegal organ trafficking still exists.Thus, he recommends that vulnerable individuals should be protected by these nations as a form of check and controlling this illegal activity. Among the main organ exporters, India contributes much to the illegal trade since many another(prenominal) of the organ traffickers look at these organs to foreigners in the country (Shimazono, 2007). Organ transplant according to Shimazono has serious effects and consequences on the lives of the change individuals. Regrets, discrimination, and depression, are some of t he effects of organ trafficking causes on the victims. MOHAN, which is an Indian non-government group, supports the legal donation of organs in India and thus demonizes organ trafficking as an inhuman and illegal descent. Many economic and social challenges force Indian young men to engage, in these dubious businesses, to sustain themselves. An urgency to control and curb the illegal business is needed in India and the government, researchers and Indian policy workers are working so hard to eradicate the practice. This set about take aways at offering the solution to the problem of organ trafficking. Organ trafficking has become a contentious issue, which many governments and international organizations are trying to solve.The international community has been on the far front line in curtailing the organ trafficking business with a number of countries joining to coming up with policy solutions (Kelly, 2013). Some of the countries aim at reducing the

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